Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Underwater Museum In Egypt

According to National Geographic, there has been plans to built an underwater museum near the new Library Of Alexandria. In September the UNESCO told that they would send a specialised team that would check if an underwater museum could be built, if it's possible then the UNESCO will help fund the construction.

Under the Mediterranean sea there are thousands of artifacts including parts that are believed to be of the ancient Pharos Of Alexandria. You can also see remnants of the Palace of Cleopatra that was formerly situated on an island in one of the largest human-made bays, but this was destroyed during an earthquake in the fourth century A.D.

Jacques Rougerie will be the lead architect and has already designed a building

Rougerie has designed a building with four tall structures shaped like the sails of fellucas, the sailboats that have journeyed the Nile since ancient times. These glass sails represent the four points of a compass and are illuminated with blue light in Rougerie's illustrations.

Underwater Museum Egypt

Will this damage The Artifacts?

The museum will be built for educational reason and was a result of the 2001 UNESCO convention for the preservation of underwater heritage.

Reports says that building just above the artifacts could damage them, this of course will make the construction more difficult, but this still has to be examined. If the UNESCO report is positive, engineers think the museum could be built in three years. Nobody knows how much the project will cost.

The Egyptian authorities hope that this project will help to boost the tourism industry and the city's current landscape.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike Costs $22 Billion

The devastating Hurricane Ike has finally stopped his path of destruction and will be remembered as one of the most destructive hurricanes after hurricane Katrina (2005) and hurricane Andrew (1992). It will not only be one of the most destructive, but also one of the most costliest says Jeff Masters, director of Weather Underground, a private commercial forecasting service according Masters the cost could reach a whopping $22 billion.

Hurricane Ike first reached land at Galveston at about 3 a.m. and was a category 3 hurricane with winds going as fast as 110 miles ph (177 km). The storm had the size of Texas and hit Louisiana and Texas.

After hurricane Ike went across Cuba with 145 miles, it weakened and spread out a bit. Forecasts said that the hurricane could have recovered and even reach a Category 4, but luckily it didn't. If hurricane Ike would have reached Category 4 the damage would be even greater.
Hurricane Ike killed 34 people and rescue workers are still trying to reach some coastal residents.

Masters said:

Although the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season still has more than two months remaining, the rampage of Hurricane Ike and earlier storms that formed in the same area this summer may prevent future storms in the Gulf of Mexico and the Straits of Florida from becoming as powerful as they might otherwise have been.

Hurricane Ike damage

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike Bringing Certain Death

The giant hurricane Ike reached the coast of Texas, the hurricane is moving from 10 -15 mph with winds surpassing the130 mph. Texas City, Seabrook and LaPorte have a huge risk of being flooded by the 9-20 foot water levels. Reports say that Galveston Island and Port Arthur are already being flooded and the water is still rising. The authorities have issued a 'Certain Death' warning

"Persons not heeding evacuation orders in single-family, one- or two-story homes may face certain death. … Widespread and devastating personal property damage is likely elsewhere."

Hurricane Ike like many others feed on the heat released when hot air rises, which then results in condensation. Depending on their location and strength hurricanes are also called Typhoons, Tropical Storms, Cyclones, Tropical Depressions, ...
The structure of a hurricane

Some people say that more hurricanes are being created, because of our sudden climate change, when the oceans get warmer the hurricanes get bigger. The rise of hurricanes that are being formed will result in millions of dollars of damage and in human life which is totally unacceptable.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Antarctic Salamander-Like Predator Fossil Found

A giant fossil of a salamander like predator who lived 240 million years ago has been found in Antarctica. Back then Antarctica wasn't that cold, like it's now. This made it possible for the salamander like creature to survive.

The Kryostega Collinsoni as it's called was one of the largest animals walking on Antarctica and lived during the middle Triassic Period (251 to 199 million years ago). The Kryostega is related to the salamander and the frog, it resembled a modern crocodile, despite it being an amphibious creature and not a reptile. Kryostega's side teeth were about 1.2 inches (3 centimeters) tall and about the size of an adult humans pinky finger (you can clearly see the teeth on the picture above). Some of its palate teeth were nearly twice as thick and grew up to 1.6 inches (4 centimeters) in height.

These amphibions are part of lineage of amphibious creatures called temnospondyls which had tiny teeth attached to their palates. The Kryostega mainly stayed close to the water and fed on fish and other amphibions.

As said before Antarctica wasn't the place we know now, all of the continents were still attached together and formed one super continent called Pangaea, which had a relative warm climate. In that period the dinosaurs didn't exist yet, but their ancestors the dinosauromorphs already roamed the Earth.

This fossil is a really great find and will help scientists to shed light on the little known history of Antarctica.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fossil Forrests Disappeared By Global Warming

A huge tract of fossil rain forest has been discovered in underneath the US Midwest. They have discovered not only one forest, but 6 tracts of rain forest that are about two millions years old. They are the earliest forests ever to appear on earth.

Most of the forests are stacked up and date back to eras before and just after intense global warming. It was a time where the earth climate changed alot, from being covered with icecaps (it was even possible to walk from the US to Europe, because the North Pole was connected to the two continents) to a greenhouse state which had a tropical like climate.

The fossilized plants suggest sudden dramatic change occurred, with dense vegetation and trees up to 40 meters (130 feet) high being largely replaced by tree fern species says Falcon-Lang leader of the University of Bristol in the U.K.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cute little Monkey

cute monkey

A cute little monkey ;D

The Monkey Disguised as the Devil XD

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav coming

If you live in the area where hurrican gustave is coming , then I would close myself !

Vladimir Puttin Tranquilized Ussuri Tiger

vladimir ussuri tiger
Vladimir Putin Tranquilized a Ussuri Tiger, who took part at the nationnal program for preserving the Ussuri Tiger. It's a great step and it has certainly attracted the attention of the world.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fangtooth Fish

Fangtooth Fish deep sea ocean
The Fantooth Fish also called the ogrfish is a middle deep sea creature fish that is very muscular. These fishes have big teeths, but are harmless to humans. The Fantooth Fish has the largest teeths of the ocean and can reach a size of 16 cm in lenght. They can be kept for months in aquariums which have totally different conditions than on depths of 200-2000 meters where they can be found.

The Deep Sea Angler Fish

The Deep Sea Angler Fish
The Sea Angler Fish is a deep sea fish that throws his angle and captures his pray. You will see this in the video that i 'will show you at the end of this post. Angler fish live on the depths of abyss. This fish hasn't many treats on those depths, but the Lophius is one of those treats. These fishes are still mysterious just as the other fishes that live on the depths of abyss. The fish itself is a delicacy in japan and it costs around 100$ to 200$ for one fish. If you're wondering how this fish tastes, it tastes like lobster.

The next post is about The FangThooth Fish


Hagfishes swimming
A Hagfishes is a snake looking fish that has a scull, but not vertebrals. They can reach lengths of 50 cm and produce a sticky slime. Sometimes even fisherman's catch them while they ate there fish. The Hagfish manly live at the bottom of the sea and feed on dead and living fish. I wouldn't touch them because they can turn a bucket of water into slime in few minutes. They can even switch from sex if this is needed to protect the specie.
Here is a video where you can see hagfishes that are eating a dead Whale.

The next post is about The Anglerfish

Rare Goblin Shark

Rare Goblin Shark
The Goblin Shark or Also Called the Mitsukurina owstoni was first discovered in Japan, but shortly after that they have discovered other specimens in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. They have a long snout in front of there head and they aren't bigger then a normal sharks size. They mainly feed on deep sea creatures and squids. These sharks are extremely rare and some of them are even found on depths of 4000 feets. Watch the video and you will see a prehistoric shark called the Goblin Shark!

The next article is about Hagfishes

The Blobfish

The Blobfish
It's a strange name for a strange fish. Another deep sea creature that lives in the waters of Australia. The flesh of this fish exists manly out of a gelatinous mass (blob). The blobfish hasn't almost any muscles. It's a real lazy fish that tries to spare his energy. These fishes are rare, but they can be caught by throwing nets into the deep sea.

The next article is about Goblin Sharks

The Big Megamouth Shark

The Big Megamouth Shark
The Megamouth shark is one of the rarest species of sharks! It's a deep sea shark that doesn't live from flesh, but from filtering the water and extracting the tiny animals out of it. Just like the whale shark. There are so many question about this shark. However we have some answers! The Megamouth shark can grow upto 5 meters and it has tiny teeth's. Only 41 specimen of the Megamouth Shark were found in the past 30 years. They appear actually everywhere, but the most Megamouth shark were spotted in Japan.

The next articles is about The BlobFish

The Deep Sea Viperfish

The Deep Sea Viperfish
A Viperfish is a deep sea fish that can grow up to 60 cm in length. There are known 27 species of Viperfish and all of them have big teeth's that stick out there mouth. With these teeth's he is one of the most feared deep sea creatures. The Viperfish has a light giving organ that attracts his victims, just like a fishing lure. They are still a great mystery as all the other deep sea creatures.

The next article is about The Megamouth Shark

Pseudoscorpion False Scorpion

Pseudoscorpion False Scorpion
The Pseudoscorpion also called the false scorpion is a very tiny scorpion. It's totally harmless and in hasn't the long tail and poisonous sting of a real scorpion. Basically it's just a little insect that tries to imitate the real scorpion (pseudo). There exist over 2000 species of these tiny scorpions some live together and some keep dwelling around. Don't panic if you see one of these little creatures, just like I said they are completely harmless. They are so tiny (look at the picture).

Types Of Jellyfish

There are 5 types of jellyfishes know over the whole world.

The first type of jellyfish is the Lymnorea Triedra.

Lymnorea Triedra. jellyfish
The second type of jellyfish is the Charybdaea Periphylla, smaller the the first type:

Charybdaea Periphylla jellyfish
The tirth type is the Tima Flavilabris.

Tima Flavilabris jellyfish

The fourth type is the Rhizostoma Cuvieri:

Rhizostoma Cuvieri jellyfish
The last type of jellyfish is the Aequorea Cyanea:

Aequorea Cyanea jellyfishThose where all the types of jellyfishes! So how do you feel yourself? Smarter?

Clown Fish In The Mediterranean

Clown Fish In The Mediterranean
Clown Fish In The Mediterranean, there aren't any clownfishes in the Mediterranean sea. Maybe if somebody saw them they would probably have been mistaken with another fish. Clownfishes live in hot temperate waters and the Mediterranean isn't the right place for the clowfish. Maybe in the future, but not now. Clown fishes live in the Indian-Ocean, Red Sea and in the regions of South-East Asia. The clowfish is a very special fish because he can sleep in anemones. Normally this would kill any other fish. It's still is a mystery why the clownfish isn't paralyzed by the anemones.

Red Lionfish

Red Lion Fish

The Red Lionfish is a very venomous fish that lives in the Indian and Western Pacific. ocean. In the mid 90 this fishes were even found in Florida! Probably someone released them over there. Now the Red Lionfish could be found almost everywhere in the Atlantic ocean. This fish hasn't killed anybody yet, but the persons who were stung by this fish said that it is a real killing pain. Watch this video to see the Red Lionfish swimming in the sea.

Queen Parrot Fish

Queen Parrot Fish Swimming
The Queen Parrot Fish is one of the 80 species of parrot fishes it's a real colorful fish that lives in tempered waters of the coral reefs. It survives of algae that they find on the reef and therefore the Queen Parrot Fish is a herbivore. It even can bite of hard chucks of coral with there teeth's! The average size of a Queen Parrot Fish is around 40 cm.

The Pink necked pigeon

The Pink necked pigeon

The Pink necked pigeon lives on the island of Mauritius. It's a really pink pigeon without any interfering of science. The pigeons are very rare and were almost instinct by humans and monkies who destroyed there breeding nests. Luckily those pigeons where helped by many organizations like the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust who helped them first.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Roman Emperor Statue Found In Turkey

Marcus Aurelius Statue From Sagalassos

A old roman statue has been found with the help of a Turkish and Belgian team. They weren't very suprised because in the ancient city of Sagalassos there were find hundreds of artifacts that dated from the times of the old Roman Empire. Like the giant statue of Hadrian. The statue is of the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Just like in the movies from gladiator! The statue is 4.5 meters tall and it's in a very good condition.

Australian Platypus

platypus great swimmer
platypus pictures
This creature is very strange. It resembles to a duck and a mammal, but it lay eggs. The Australian Platypus is also venomous if you didn't knew this. Very strange because there aren't a lot of venomous mammals. I'm wondering do mammals lay eggs? The Australian Platypus is a real exception and I've my doubts. The first messages that where sent after the discovering of this animal where assumed to be jokes. It isn't hard to believe they did because this is a very strange creature.

Tasmanian Devil Pictures And Habitat

tasmanina devil pup
a dangerous tasmanian devil

tasmanina devil very angry
Tasmanian Devil is one of the last marsupial carnivores and one the the most feared ones. He is literary named "the devil" and he even can kill sheep's with there average weight of 8kg. It's an unique specie that only lives in Australia in the region of Tasmania. The Tasmanian Devil has very sharp teeth's with which he can inflict serious damage. That's not all he even is a big competitor of the skunk when he is agitated. Keep you distance if you encounter one! Watch this video and see how aggresive and dangerous this little creature can be.

The Man Eating Komodo Dragon

komodo dragon
These lizards are the biggest ones, they can reach a length of 3 meters and weigh 166 kg! The Komodo Dragon is very dangerous and can kill humans. Once the komodo Dragon bites his pray he is infected with deadly bacterias from his mouth. Not so long ago a Komodo dragon killed a eight year boy. These attacks are rare, but they happen! They eat everything even bones!
See this great video and discover the size of them.

The Frill Necked Lizard Called The Frilled Dragon

Frilled Dragon Lizard
The Frill Necked Lizard or also called as the Frilled Dragon is just like a little dragon, and I can assure you if you see one in real life it will attract your attention. The way that he walks is just amazing and unique for this specie. This is certainly a strange creature that tries to intimidate you. Look at the video and you will be amazed for sure. Before watching the video this lizard is just hilarious.

Highly Venemous Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

highly venemous strawberry poison dart frog
This frog isn't like the frogs that you find in your area. The Strawberry Poison Dart Frog is a highly venomous frog, you don't die from his bite, but from his skin that contains toxins. Living in the amazon forest and South America it is a frog whit thousands of under species with different kinds of colors. Sadly this kind of frog suffers because of the illegal smuggling of them to other countries for a price of only 30$. Take a look at this video how the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog reproduces himself, it's just amazing.

The Beautiful Scorpionfish

venemous scorpionfish
The scorpionfish is one of the most venomous fishes on the world. Living in temperate seas and oceans they are one of the most beautiful fishes. Dwelling over the bottom of the seas with there highly venomous spines. This specie knows hundreds of other under species that are widely spread over the Indo-Pacific Ocean. If you go diving and see one of these fishes then take your distance, and admire his deadly spines. Take a look at this video and see how the scorpionfish looks like in his natural enviorment.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Crazy Animals Of The Future

The Crazy Animals Of The Future
Science has gone so far and some animals are still evolving ! Who knows what the future will bring ! Mixing up one specie with another specie could have an effect like you can see on the picture above right? A little bird with a dogs head, f&é"ck up I think.
The world is changing ...Take a look at this preview for the future! Don't forget enjoy it!

The Great Bald American Eagle

The Great  Bald American Eagle
The Great Bald American Eagle, lives in North -America, Alaska, Canada and even in Mexico. The Bald Eagle is one of the biggest symbols of the United States of America and this bird can reach a span of 244 cm. The specie was endagered, but luckly they've survived it all ! Watch this video to see this legendary bird in his natural habitat.

Facts About The Harpy Eagle

Facts About The Harpy Eagle
The harpy eagle is a big bird that lives in the tropical rainforest. Yes a big bird that can reach a wingspan of almost 2 meters! He is the king of the rainforest, and doesn't need to fair a lot of things. He is so big that he can eat monkeys, reptiles,...actually he can kill every animal he see ! There are even old stories that say that they took children ! If that's a fact I don't know, but it's a big bird and everything is possible. A last thing that you need to know the talons of this big bird are as big as the claws of a Grizzly bear ! Lets think about that ! Take a view at this video and see how he kills a sloth.

Portal To The Maya UnderWorld

Portal To The Maya UnderWorld Found.?
There has been found a labyrint, filled with stone temples and pryramids in 14 caves. This discovery brings a lot of questions. Where the mayas inspired by theire legends to build this?
Or did it exist before the maya legends? Read the maya myth.

the souls of the dead had to follow a dog with night vision on a horrific and watery path and endure myriad challenges before they could rest in the afterlife.

The path is watery and there are a lot of obstacles to pass could this be the port to the underworld of the mayas? Experts are still digging so lets see what the future will bring to us ! See here...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Whale Colin Will Need To Be Euthanized

Baby Whale Colin Will  Need To Be Euthanized
The starving humpback whale Colin will need to be euthenized after several attempts to save it. The baby whale lost his mother for unknow reasons and now it's starving. Feeding the whale would only be a temporarly solution..Scientist have considered a lot of options, but it's just impossible to keep him alive. Only a miracle could save this baby whale, if he could find another mother whale who would accept him then there would be a chance for him.

A Cooler 2008 For Everybody

A Cooler 2008 For Everybody
The temprature has dropped whit 0.1 Celsius. I don't know if you're feeling the difference but this is great news for everybody. Why did the tempreture dropped? You didn't do that, that's for sure. The conditions of La Nina a part of natural cycle is the principal cause of it. Don't be disappointed and try to help the nature ! If everybody would do something to help, then there wouldn't be any problems.

Great BigFoot Deception

Great BigFoot Deception
In August two man claimed to have found the body of a big foot. This was very great news and everybody believed it. However it didn't took long too discover that the body of this creature was made of 100% rubber "Made In China". The Deception was so great for so many people who kept believing that somewhere there is a Bigfoot wondering arround. Let's take a look at the news !

First Tortoise With Wheels

First Tortoise With Wheels !
This ten year old tortoise, had bad luck in his life. The legs of this poor creature where paralyzed. A tortoise isn't a very fast creature and if his legs are paralyzed, then he just can't move. Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, had found a solution and fitted weels on this great tortoise ! Take a great look at this very fast tortoise.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New 'Minor Planet' planet found

New 'Minor Planet' planet found
A new minor planet has been found, it's not really a planet, but it's more of a tailless comet called 2006 SQ372 the distance between Earth and this comet is approximately two billion miles (three billion kilometers). This planet consits out of ice and rock, and it has an elliptical orbit.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Coral Reefs And His Amazing Habitants

coral reefs,coral,different coral,rare coral

If you go visit a coral reef it's just like another world. There are so many colors, and life. Every visit is different. Coral reefs are nice but some of them are dieing!
To mantain these great wonders of the world people need to change... Coral reefs are
actually living creatures that only grow few inches a year. In these coral reefs different kinds of fishes find there home. Think about the Clowfish and other colorfull fishes. Mainly we can find these coral reefs in shallow waters, however there are corals that can live on a depths of 3000m. I found this great video to give you a view of this fantastic world.