Thursday, August 28, 2008

Types Of Jellyfish

There are 5 types of jellyfishes know over the whole world.

The first type of jellyfish is the Lymnorea Triedra.

Lymnorea Triedra. jellyfish
The second type of jellyfish is the Charybdaea Periphylla, smaller the the first type:

Charybdaea Periphylla jellyfish
The tirth type is the Tima Flavilabris.

Tima Flavilabris jellyfish

The fourth type is the Rhizostoma Cuvieri:

Rhizostoma Cuvieri jellyfish
The last type of jellyfish is the Aequorea Cyanea:

Aequorea Cyanea jellyfishThose where all the types of jellyfishes! So how do you feel yourself? Smarter?

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h2o_gage said...

I saw a really large jelly fish near Cinque Terre, Italy. I was wondering what type of jelly fish it was. It looked like the one in this flickr photo.