Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camel Spider

The camel spider is a strange looking spider, however it belongs to the Arachnida class. There are plenty of underspecies of the camel spider spread over Southwest US and South Africa (look at the pictures). The camel spider can move very fast over the desert and can reach a size of 6 inch ! This "little" spider is harmless and normaly doesn't bite andy humans unless you provoke it. The camel spider is a night spider, so actually if you are walking in the desert and you see a Camel Spider it will keep folowing you in your shadow.

This is a little video to give you a good impression of this spider.
In the video you can clearly see that it resembles more on a schorpion then on a normal spider.

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Michael said...

Camel spiders are probably the most weird looking spiders that can be found on earth. These spiders are not venomous like some of the other spiders but they can look scary with their strange look.