Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Underwater Museum In Egypt

According to National Geographic, there has been plans to built an underwater museum near the new Library Of Alexandria. In September the UNESCO told that they would send a specialised team that would check if an underwater museum could be built, if it's possible then the UNESCO will help fund the construction.

Under the Mediterranean sea there are thousands of artifacts including parts that are believed to be of the ancient Pharos Of Alexandria. You can also see remnants of the Palace of Cleopatra that was formerly situated on an island in one of the largest human-made bays, but this was destroyed during an earthquake in the fourth century A.D.

Jacques Rougerie will be the lead architect and has already designed a building

Rougerie has designed a building with four tall structures shaped like the sails of fellucas, the sailboats that have journeyed the Nile since ancient times. These glass sails represent the four points of a compass and are illuminated with blue light in Rougerie's illustrations.

Underwater Museum Egypt

Will this damage The Artifacts?

The museum will be built for educational reason and was a result of the 2001 UNESCO convention for the preservation of underwater heritage.

Reports says that building just above the artifacts could damage them, this of course will make the construction more difficult, but this still has to be examined. If the UNESCO report is positive, engineers think the museum could be built in three years. Nobody knows how much the project will cost.

The Egyptian authorities hope that this project will help to boost the tourism industry and the city's current landscape.

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